Willow Brook High School Learning Center

Willow Brook High School Learning Center, located in Fortuna, is an all-inclusive day program for high school students. Meeting Monday through Thursday, the goal is to provide 79 percent direct instruction and student support on the campus. Daily instruction is provided by certificated staff for all high school sciences, English, mathematics from basic skills through Calculus 2, daily PE classes, foreign languages, art history and related art experiences, and social studies across all levels of study. Using a blended delivery system consisting of direct instruction, dynamic self-placed personalized lessons online, and a variety of hands-on, age-appropriate learning experiences, Common Core standards are addressed and covered in Willow Brook’s unique program which supports the needs of a wide range of students – basic skills through AP coursework. Personalized learning, at its best, is what Willow Brook’s qualified, caring staff brings to students in the Eel River Valley region of Humboldt County.

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Phone: 707-725-7971