Caspar Creek Learning Center, located in Mendocino County, provides center-based instruction to transitional-kindergarten (KT) through 5th grade students.  The staff at this learning center (three credential teachers and one Instructional Assistant) believes that a child’s educational experience has a profound impact on that person’s entire life.  The philosophy of the learning center is to create a learning environment where students are respected, their needs are met through high-quality personal attention, and individual potential is recognized.  Individual student style, personal energy, and ability to work within a group help determine curricular and instructional choices.  Students benefit from a variety of instructional techniques that range from whole group interaction to independent work.  Through every learning activity, the individual student learns to be part of the school community and is taught to extend that learning to membership in the larger community in which he or she resides.

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Phone: 707-964-6234