“The Learning Center” opened in Hayfork on August 25, 2014  and is filled with laughing, happy students.  We presently have 23 students enrolled, K-8.  The students meet at 8:30 a.m. and stay until 1:00 (K) or 2:00 (1st-8th).  Regular classes are held Monday through Thursday and Friday is a learn-at-home day.  There are a few students who attend two days per week and learn-at-home three days per week.  One goal is to provide a safe atmosphere where no child hurts another verbally or physically and where kindness, joy, and peace are actively taught.  Another important goal is to keep much of the work individualized.

Our bright classroom is located at the Hayfork Community Church.  While the standard core curriculum is used and classes are arranged in periods, there is a lot of humor and active learning happening. Puppets named Nutty and Boo Boo visit the students each morning and start the day with joy.  To add to the smiles, the students have learned the songs  “Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips”  and “Zippety Do Dah.”

We teach piano, violin, cello, and guitar as a part of the curriculum for every student and will present a recital during the year.  Students are learning to read music and also to play by ear.  Because we don’t have 1/4 size violins or tiny guitars, the Kindergarten students are limited to the piano at this time.

The computer lab has eleven laptops to be used for:  typing essays, keyboarding practice by using the “Learn To Type” program, or using the on-line subscriptions for Science and Social Studies.

The Learning Center is designed to offer parents options:  Full day center classes, four days per week, with learn-at-home Fridays; a choice of number of days to attend, combined with learning at home; and a full independent study, home-based learning program, five days per week.

Please come by for a visit to meet Cindy, Donna, and Teela.

Sincerely…..Cindy Boruff