Montessori del Mar Learning Center, in Fort Bragg, CA, is in its tenth year of operation. It was founded on two core tenets: Montessori method and parent-teacher collaboration. In line with the Montessori method, the learning environment is carefully prepared for multi-age students and teachers are viewed as guides, rather than bearers of information. The Montessori framework centers on choice, autonomy, relatedness, and the establishment of a productive and supportive learning community in order to develop competence, self-regulation, independence, and ownership over learning. The Montessori ideals of global citizenship and grace and courtesy guide the community’s behaviors and practices. This is embodied in participation in the Montessori Model UN—an international program that asks students to apply their learning to a global context.

Montessori del Mar has three classrooms, a Primary, a Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary. We strive to keep the student to teacher ratio low and expectations high. Our center serves grades TK-8.

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