Mattole Valley Charter School

Mattole Valley Charter School believes in honoring individual education choices and is committed to providing an innovative public education environment for students, their parents, and teachers by empowering them to collaboratively create learning opportunities which will help students develop into responsible and contributing members of society.

MVCS believes in giving students, parents, and teachers the freedom to make responsible and effective decisions and implement educational plans, by providing them with multiple tools, resources, and programs.

MVCS believes that the selection of educational plans and opportunities is the right of parents and students with the support of their Independent Study Teacher.

Mattole Valley Charter School (MVCS) is a dependent charter school under Mattole Unified School District. MVCS serves students in Humboldt County and the four counties contiguous to it – Mendocino, Del Norte, Trinity, and Siskiyou.  Approximately 700 students attend MVCS, knowing that our goal is to meet families’ needs in a way that is more personalized in nature.

Our educational programs reflect a spectrum of possibilities:

  • an at-home independent study model in which parents provide most of the instruction with the credentialed teacher acting as advisor and meeting with the family a minimum of once per learning period.
  • a hybrid independent study model in which students meet with credentialed teachers more than once per learning period and attend individual small group classes held at various learning centers or vendor sites.
  • an independent study model where students attend classes at a learning center up to four days per week.

With the range of options stated above and the freedom to custom-design a program that lies within the above options, MVCS can more appropriately meet each individual family’s needs.