A vital aspect of our success is the pro-active involvement of parents, and the independent study component reflects this with the parents predominantly instructing their students. These families meet with their credentialed teachers a minimum of once every 20 school days – often more frequently.  These meetings consist of teacher, parent, and student who review the work completed during the previous month and make adjustments to the student’s learning plan as needed.

“The community is our classroom” has always been the motto of Mattole Valley Charter School.  The school relies on parent/community resources since the independent nature of the MVCS program necessitates making these connections.  For example, many independent study students participate in courses taught by local businesses, predominantly in the visual and performing arts and physical education arena.  Students also engage in community service projects based on their skills and interests, and some college-bound independent study students attend classes at the local community college and state university.

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Voice for Choice – Supporting Personalized Learning Public Charter Schools. A Voice for Choice is a California-based movement that stands united for parent and student choice in public education. We stand united with parents and students for high quality, accountable choices in public education, particularly for the Personalized Learning public charter school option for students for whom a rigid, classroom-only model is not a match for success.